lundi 25 mars 2013

Portraits d'Archives

I am proud to show the latest work of my collective ZAOLANE.

Zaolane is an unusual collective created in November 2011, by Elizabeth Sillard, Paola Guigou, and Viviane Korkmaz. The three artists studied together at Gobelins, l'Ecole de l'Image in Paris, and were in the same graduating class in 2008. Their first series titled "Portraits d'Archives" exhibits their ability to produce art as a collective. The balance of each artist's strength and personality fed the concept that “the artwork has literally been created by six hands". "Portraits d'Archives", was first exhibited at Fotofever Art Fair in conjunction with Paris Photo in November 2011, and received much attention. Sillard, Guigou, and Korkmaz are currently working on the next production phase to complete "Portraits d'Archives".

Pump It Up


Get Out

Double or Nothing

Go West Young Boy

Rent a Guy

                                                                       Forgey About It

What The Fuck

                                                                          King Kid

Tomorrow Never Dies

Do You Want the Truth or Something Beautiful

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