lundi 5 avril 2010

Koh Tao

Between Chiang Mai and Bali we stopped by Koh Tao, an amazing island in the south west of Thailand. Here we stayed at Asia Diver, a nice scuba diving club, Where we met Celia our charming diving instructor (Alllez laaaa!!! Sorry, private joke she will understand) for the first level " Open Water ", and finally we enjoyed it so much that we stayed longer for the level 2 " advanced". This is probably my happier memory! I can say now that I love scuba diving and living around fishes (they are not really talkative!).

2 commentaires:

Anonyme a dit…

ouah.. elles sont très belles tes photos. j'aime particulièrement celles des poissons... et de vous !bises, sandra

Anonyme a dit…

Ces photos donnent une impression paisible qui contraste avec l'atmosphère urbaine de HK. Les portraits sont vraiment beaux. PhAndS